OBDII is now integrated as standard with all new Dynapack™ chassis dynamometers purchased.

OBDII for existing Dynapack™ customers – Please contact your local Dynapack™ Dealer for further information on the OBDII module and compatibility.

OBDII integrated software is now available with all Dynapack packages as standard with the option to update existing Dynapack systems to the current production DAQ capabilities for all old machines using 12 Channel DAQ.

The OBDII data from the vehicles ECU is instantly available to the operator.  The ECU data on the vehicle is then listed by default in the “User Defined Data Set” (see image) so it is easily accessible by the operator. The YELLOW arrow selects saved and default data sets.

By Clicking on the RED arrow the operator is able to select data channels to create their own Data Sets.

When connected to a vehicles OBD the Dynapack automatically displays what is supported by that vehicles ECU. The software will display beneath this the “Unsupported” data from that vehicle allowing a quick filter of the available data.

This data is also then available on the home Screens “Live Strip Graphs” allowing you to watch a group of data running.