Dynapack has re-invented the chassis dyno

I would like to compliment Dynapack on their new chassis dyno design. Our unit has performed flawlessly. The repeatability is excellent. Dynapack has re-invented the chassis dyno. If you’re not using a Dynapack, you’re using yesterday’s technology.

Bob Giese, Toyota Racing Development (TRD USA)



For repeatability, reliability and safety you can’t beat it

I have used a Dynapack for the last ten years. I find its repeatability and reliability unbeatable, as is its ability to perform in the way we require for our testing. Which has varied from a mildly 
modified Fiat 500 to 1,000hp drag cars. For safety in use you can’t beat it, a major factor if you are using it 12 hours a day as our commitments sometimes demand.

Bob Homewood, HiTech Motorsport



We are able to test multiple design iterations accurately without the inconsistencies found in other dyno’s

DC Sports built and continues to maintain its reputation by producing high quality components that maximize performance. The Dynapack 3000 plays an important role in this process because of its portability and ease of use. With its ability to perform fixed-speed and fixed-load tests, we are able to test multiple design iterations accurately without the inconsistencies found in inertia- or drum-type dyno’s.

Steve Schmidt, DC Sports



Highly recommend a Dynapack Chassis Dynamometer

Being involved in a highly competitive series such as the V8 Supercar Championship, Ford Performance Racing strives on being at the front of the field. To be able to achieve this we need to ensure that when our engines hit the track, our drivers and race engineers are working with an optimal performance package. That is why we choose to use a Dynapack dynamometer in the development of our engines and chassis off the track. We rely heavily on consistent and accurate data in which the Dynapack delivers, and would highly recommend a Dynapack Chassis Dynamometer as a great addition to any workshop where outstanding and accurate results are required.

Justin Way, Engine Technician – Ford Performance Racing



Dynapack dynamometer – Number one choice for tuning

For R&D purposes, the Dynapack has proven to be an invaluable asset to our business. The dyno allows our engineers to create precise fuel injection programs by simulating various load situations. The hub-mounted design prevents any data loss that might occur from wheel spin on higher horsepower applications. Excellent technical service, constantly improving software, and a wide array of accessories make the Dynapack dynamometer our number one choice for tuning.

Toshi Hayama, Apex Integration Inc.



“…. so sensitive it shows the difference in power caused by half a turn of the mixture, or a change in the spark plug gaps. A rolling road dyno can have an error of 15-30 percent. The dyno means mechanics no longer have to risk their lives or license when a customer complains of an engine stutter at high speed. “(No road test is required)

Steve Dundon, Wellington Motorcycles



We would highly recommend Dynapack Chassis Dynometers

Having a reputation such as Walkinshaw Performance, we cannot afford to use second best technology in gaining performance results. For this reason, we choose to use Dynapack dynamometer in developing, all of our engine and performance related products. From mild recalibrations to race level performance figures, Dynapack has been and continues to be instrumental in delivering exceptional and accurate results. We would highly recommend Dynapack Chassis Dynometers where business success depends on delivering accurate and outstanding results.

Gary Beer

Sales & Marketing Executive – Walkinshaw Performance



Totally safe and comfortable to work it

I had a chance to work on a drag evo project.  Just want to let you know that Dynapack is the best tuning and diagnostic tool me and the team ever use.  It’s totally safe and comfortable to work it. It picks up every small details roller can never do, especially on a car like this.

George Kasinthorn, Gettuned Tuning Service



My Dynapack is a setting-tool that I cannot do without!


As for my company, my Dynapack is a setting-tool that I cannot do without.







The use of my Dynapack has brought about fantastic results with regard to fuel mapping, MBT setting, parts testing, engine wrapping and power-checking.



I can test and log data results from 100 to 1000 HP cars in detail. In particular, using the engine-RPM-locking mode,  I am able to map fuelling in a short period of time.




On top of that, the repeatability of the Dynapack, especially when compared to my roller-type dynamometer, and the similarities of the loading to real-time road conditions (eg. a drag-race in 3rd gear between 5000 and 8000 engine RPM) are other aspects that really appeal to me.



I must add that after 15 years of owning a Dynapack, I have been very satisfied with the constant improvements to the software.



Finally. I have concluded that without this machine, I would be only able to complete 65% of any race and tuning related work.

Satao Shokai



The Dynapack has become an indispensable tool



I am Asada, (the manager) of Vehicle Field.


Below is my testimonial about (my) Dynapack.


As for my company, the Dynapack has become an indispensible tool for setting.




When it comes to the setting of different full-com ECUs or the remapping of standard automotive ECUs, it is possible to optomize fuel  and ignition maps as well as continuously-variable valve maps.


100馬力に満たないHONDA S660のセッティングから

1000馬力オーバーのNISSAN GT-Rのセッティングまで


From setting a Honda S660 that doesn’t even reach 100HP to a 1000HP

Nissan GT-R, the Dynapack really is excellent at providing accurate power and torque readings.


SWEEP TESTにて負荷の掛け方を再現する事も可能で


The Sweep Test function allows a reproducibility of loading that a

roller-type chassis dynamometer doesn’t provide.


最近備わったR35 GT-Rのフロントトルクをカットする機能は非常に優れています。

I have found that the customer support and software upgrades have been very satisfying.

One recent example is the excellent upgrade that allows the front wheel control to be cut manually , and it has proven very useful when testing my tuned-up R35 GT-R .


Road testing alone is not enough to work out how to set up a vehicle.



With a Dynapack chassis dynamometer and its accurate repeatable functions, it is possible to map ECUs to a very satisfying level.

合同会社ビークルフィールド 浅田


Vehicle Field GK, Asada.